Managing Employees In Crisis

Date: October 28, 2020

Time: 02:00PM - 03:00PM

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In being ready to handle the wide array of possible employee crises affecting the workplace, great practices tend to follow the astronauts’ credo: “It’s better to be over-prepared and underchallenged than to be under-prepared and overchallenged.” Your staff eventually experience problems of daily living that interfere with performing their professional duties, such as financial struggles, life-threatening medical issues, marital discord/divorce, challenges associated with elderly parents, etc. Also, some will present mental health and/or chemical dependency issues requiring employer intervention and support when such problems begin to compromise the practice’s daily operations and patient care. This webinar is designed to provide information regarding the appropriate handling of employee crises in a manner that is effective both for the individual/family and for the practice seeking continuity of high-quality ophthalmic services to patients.


Attendees who listen to this webinar will learn:

  • How to build employee crisis management supports/training as part of your practice structure.
  • How to identify and create linkages with external resources for handling employee crises.
  • How to foster and instill the values of staff wellness and safety within your culture.
  • How to understand and be prepared to manage staff crises impinging upon the workplace, including:
    1. Domestic violence
    2. Drug/alcohol related struggles
    3. Serious mental health problems
    4. Staff and/or family medical concerns
    5. Aging parents
    6. Financial difficulties
    7. Suicidal comments and behavior
    8. Staff victimization, sexual harassment, and hostile work environment
  • Craig Piso, PhD, President & Founder, Piso and Associates, LLC