Feedback is a Gift … REALLY!!!

Date: August 28, 2019

Time: 02:00PM - 03:00PM

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Over the past 30 years, practices have changed … people have changed … so, the way we provide feedback to our team members needs to change as well! With nearly ½ of all managers stating that providing feedback to their teams is “stressful and difficult”, and nearly 20% confessing to avoiding feedback discussions altogether … it is safe to say that we need to rethink, rework, and rebrand the word “FEEDBACK” in our practices! Join us for this upcoming webinar as Hayley Boling, MBA, COE discusses how she changed the way her practice engages feedback. Starting out as gut-wrenching, Feedback has now become a “gift” at Boling Vision Center.

Learning Objectives:

1. Overview of “Feedback” in the Workplace
a. History vs. Today
b. Human Nature: Fight vs. Flight
c. Perception vs. Reality
d. Helpful vs. Hurtful
2. Recognize Feedback Goals – What outcomes are possible when feedback is done well?
3. Feedback Flops – What NOT to do (or, at least, never do again)!
4. Discover the 3 Types of Feedback and understand that ALL are necessary is EVERY organization (depending on the situation, of course).
5. Learn how to give EFFECTIVE Feedback
6. See how the adoption of a new approach to feedback can actually transform a practice’s culture!